2015 Show


J R Halbert for Overall Champion C G Noble

Ron Brownlee Trophy A Murray

Robert Scott Memorial Trophy


Hamish Murray Rosebowl J W Davidson

Stanley Walton Trophy R D Archer & Son

John Bowden Challenge Cup R D Archer & Son 

JG Swallow Challenge Cup R D Archer & Son

Silver Cup (The Late JB Yeats & Mrs Yeats) R D Archer & Son

L Tweddle Memorial Cup R D Archer & Son

Silver Salver (The Late Mr J Thomlinson) R D Archer & Son

J & M Shield Perpetual Challenge Cup R D Archer & Son

A & C Yeats Perpetual Challenge Cup J Smith Jackson

A Shepherds Crook (Late J Shield) R D Archer & Son

L Scott Memorial Cup R D Archer & Son

Lady Hudson Cup R D Archer & Son

Dawson Silver Challenge Cup C Ballentyne

Howe Cup C Ballentyne

T Hunter Challenge Cup W Nixon

Irthing Valley Cup W Nixon

Challenge Cup (Swaledales) W Watson

J J Golightly Rose Bowl W Watson

Midland Bank PLC Cup L Smith

Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Cup J W Davidson

Franklands Feed Cup Jack Whiteford

Rickerby Tankard Mrs H Brown

RAF Spadeadam Trophy C Ballantyne


President’s Trophy C G Noble

G Noble Cup C G Noble

Trevor & Rosamund Hebdon Challenge Bowl J Bell 

Tweddle Rosebowl J Bell


Bernard Challenge Cup Seema Ritson

D Murray Silver Cup Kath o Sullivan

R Little Silver Cup Seema Ritson

D Blackie Black Fell Terrier Cup Dick Burton

Gilsland Agricultural Trophy Perpetual Trophy Mr McCamish

Gilsland Agricultural Show Perpetual Trophy Mr McCamish

Alan Sharp Cup Kath o Sullivan


Howe Challenge Cup Margaret Main

Doreen Little Challenge Salver Margaret Sloane

R & A Liddle Memorial Cup J Britton

Living on the Edge Trophy Margaret Main

WI Trophy Fiona R, Tracey M and Hazel D

South Tyne Sustainability Bowl Rob Harding

Sheila Metcalf Memorial Salver Margaret Sloane

Sally Halbert Silver Vase Rob Harding

Hexham Courant Trophy S Butterworth

Robert Smith Trophy Tracey Mitchinson

Overall Child’s Trophy Emma Reid and Amy Graham 

Girl’s Trophy Emma Reid and Amy Graham

Boy’s Trophy John Mitchinson

Under 16 Challenge Alice Ritson


D & E Horn Rosebowl G Irving 

Andrew Woodmass Memorial Cup D Burns


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